Parent Portal Menu labels can be created at the DCP or the SCP. If created in the DCP, all schools under the district will have the same parent portal labels. Otherwise, you can maintain each school's autonomy by creating the labels under the SCP which overrides the DCP settings once saved. 

1. First, you will want to confirm the menu labels at the DCP. Again, these titles at the DCP will transfer to all of the SCP's. After you are done, be sure to click UPDATE.

Navigation: DCP > Settings > Parent Portal > Parent Portal Menu

2. Then, at the SCP, you can select the checkboxes for the menus you would like to show/hide in the parent portal. This will need to be done for each SCP you have. If desired, you can override the DCP labels in this section. 

Navigation: SCP > Settings > Parent Portal > Parent Portal Menu

3. Double-check your parent portal to ensure that your menu labels are to your liking. The "Back to School Registration" and "New Student Enrollment" button will correspond with the parent portal menus.