In order for students to be added to the system properly, it is required to set up the grade levels prior to pulling/importing students. This will also need to be done before creating your webstore as grades are associated with all sale-able items.

If you are using the API or Webservice, it is required to have the SIS Grade ID match your SIS settings.

Navigation: DCP > Settings > System > Grade Level

All the grades that are used across your SCP's must be created at the District level. You will need to create a library of grades first before assigning them to each SCP. 

If you are using the API, click on VIEW SIS GRADE to retrieve the SIS ID.

1. To add a new grade, click on the "ADD GRADE" button.

2. Click Save.

3. Navigation: SCP > Settings > System > Grade Level

4. Assign the grade to the school by changing the Status to "Active"

Please note: grades cannot be deleted if they are affiliated with a student, webstore item, or form within your database.