For best practice, it is highly advised that you edit the Page Content of your District. Page Content can be saved at the DCP or the SCP. If saved at the DCP, all schools under the district will have the same page content settings. If you would like to maintain each school's autonomy (i.e. if instructions are different for each school), you can save the settings at the SCP. If saved at the SCP, the page content cannot transfer to other schools.

Please note: once Page Content is saved at the SCP, you can no longer make changes at the DCP to reflect the change in that particular school. The SCP changes will be dominant.

Navigation: DCP or SCP > Settings > System > Page Content

By clicking on the Edit button under Options, the CMS manager will open for the page.

1. Home Page (all students)

2. Forgot Access Key (returning students)

3. Complete Registration (returning students)

4. Student Information (returning students)**

5. Student Address Notification Change (returning students)**

6. Family Directory Header (returning students)*

7. Family Directory Footer (returning students)*

8. New Student Login (new students)

9. New Student Dashboard (new students)

10. New Student Complete Enrollment (new students)

11. Ethnicity Header Text (new students)**

12. New Student Information Page (new students)**

13. Form Category Page (all students)

14. Student Emergency Contacts (returning students)**

15. Dashboard (returning students)

16. New Student Access Key (new students)

17. Document Requirements (all students)

18. Tuition (returning students)

*   N/A if you are NOT using the Family Directory

** N/A if you are NOT using the system form. Please check in Settings: System Forms / Fields