Map Fields: the process of creating data element mappings between your student information and K-12 Online for a successful integration. Field mapping will allow you to upload student and emergency contact to the online program using a CSV file.


If you are not using the API to integrate K-12 Online with your SIS, then you are required to use the Map Fields in order to import your students. If you are using the API, please do NOT use the Map Fields - or manual student uploads - or you will encounter system errors.

Field mapping is easy, but needs to be accurate. Please double check each field to ensure it matches your CSV file. When mapping, you will need to enter the column number beside each field name that corresponds with your CSV file. the bold field names are mandatory, and if you do not have data for the other fields, use "0" as the column number.

  • For the Contact Map Fields: Relation, please use the actual name of the relation on your CSV file (i.e. Father, Mother, Grandmother, etc. and not the relation code).
  • For Emergency Contact ID (Sequence), please enter the priority you want this contact to have for your student's record (mainly for Aeries). If this does not pertain to you, enter 0.

1. Create an excel spreadsheet with the following database fields (in bold)

2. Save the spreadsheet as a (MS DOS) CSV format file

3. Navigation: DCP > Settings > System > Map Fields

4. Map the fields in K-12 Online so fields 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. correspond with your spreadsheet columns A, B, C, D, etc.

5. Save the mapping information

6. Navigation: SCP > Settings > System > Map Fields

You will want to save the "Default Mapping" settings that were done at the DCP. In order to show the save button follow these steps

1. From the dropdown, select "Custom Mapping"

2. From the dropdown, re-select "Default Mapping"

3. Click Save

4. If you want to map the fields differently for each school, you may also do that by going to "Custom Mapping" and changing the settings.

5. It is recommended that the settings remain the same for all schools to lessen any confusion.

7. After saving your Map Fields, you may import students.

8. Navigation: SCP > Student > Returning Student > Manager

Note: The database will NOT upload duplicate data