From the Transaction Express (TXP) Virtual Terminal, you will be able to set up your payment gateway and run custom reports on successful purchases.


In your initial login, use your temporary Username and Password. You will be prompted to change your login credentials. Store your permanent login credentials in a safe place.

You will only need to set up two items prior to accepting online payments:

  • User Defined Fields
  • Duplicate Checking Maintenance

User Defined Fields Setup

  1. Under the ADMIN menu, click on "Merchant User Defined Fields"

  2. Add the following 5 user defined fields. These are case and character sensitive.

  • schoolname
  • student_firstname
  • student_grade
  • student_lastname
  • student_number


Duplicate Checking Maintenance

  1. Under the ADMIN menu, click on "Duplicate Checking Maintenance"

  2. Set it as follows:

Duplicate Checking Type: Credit Card Only

Duplicate Checking Criteria: PAN/ACcct/Amt/CustRefID

Duplicate Checking Time Period (in seconds): 15