In order to accept online payments, you will need to set up your Payment Options. Payment options will be the same for every school in the district.

Please follow the 2-step process to ensure your payments are received successfully.

Step 1: Set up options for all merchants

Navigation: DCP or SCP > Webstore > Settings > Payment Options

To enable the gateway, change the status to Active. Most schools only enable Credit / Debit Card - Transaction Express to accept online payments for a seamless webstore. (If accepting cash, be advised that parents will need to bring in their order receipt and payment to the school. Admins will run an additional process after this.)

Step 2: Assign the Payment Options to the Merchant

Navigation: DCP or SCP > Webstore > Settings > Merchants > "Payment Gateway" Icon

1. On the next page, you will see the Payment Options that were selected in Step 1. For Transaction Express, you will need to configure the matching details from your TXP account.

2. Enter in the Gateway ID and Reg Key. If necessary, you can also add a convenience fee in this section. (Please note: convenience fee will only show on the Closeout Summary Report). Some schools use the  convenience fee to recoup any fees that are charged for using credit cards. 

In order for payments to make its way to your account, be sure you double check that the GatewayID and RegKey are identical to your TXP account.