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Fee: a payment to the school in return for a kind of service or enrollment into a program or class. Fees can be made optional or required by the student. Fees cannot be assigned to the student, but rather only show in the Parent Portal.

Adding a New Fee

Click on the blue "Add New Fee" button

  • Category Name: items will be grouped by category in the Parent portal for easier navigation. See Creating Categories
  • General Ledger: fees will be grouped by GL account for accounting purposes. See General Ledger Manager
  • Fee Amountamount required to be paid
  • Special Fee Amount: price for "special members" (Please disregard if you are not using the Special Member feature for returning students)
  • Is Mandatory: if the fee is required to be paid by the student, check this box
  • Fee Nameunique name of fee that is no longer than 30 characters in length
  • Fee Numberequivalent to an item number. The fee number is unique to the fee and can only exist once; fee numbers cannot be duplicated
  • Fee Descriptionadditional information that parents would need to know about the fee
  • Grade: select the student grades that the item will be available to. Otherwise it will not show in the Parent Portal
  • Available to Webstore: select the availability date of your fee in order for it to appear in the Webstore. If no date is selected, it will not appear in the Parent Portal
  • Apply Promotion: select date range and promotional price to have the price of the fee temporarily changed
  • Recurring Payment: if the fee shows in the parent portal, you can have parents give the option of making recurring payments weekly, monthly, and quarterly

If you create the Fee at the DCP level, you will need to assign it to the SCP in order for it to appear in the Parent Portal. See Assigning District Items, Fees, Fines, and Donations to the School

Please Note: If you delete a fee, you cannot use the same fee name or fee number again. Instead, you should change the status to Inactive if you think you will use the fee again in the future.