Common Troubleshooting Questions

Did you create the Webstore at the DCP level?

If so, did you assign the item to the SCP?

Did you select grades for the item?

If so, is the student you are testing with not in the appropriate grade?

Is your "Availability to the Webstore" up to date?

Did you check the status of the item at the SCP?

If you created the Webstore at the DCP level, you will need to assign all sale-able items in that Webstore to the SCP.

Navigation: SCP > Webstore > Setup > Merchants

In the Merchant List, you will see that DCP Webstores do not show all the options that you would normally see. This is what makes the Merchant district-controlled. Admins at the school level will not be able to make any edits to the merchant. They will only be able to change the status of the items.

1. Go to the Item, Donation, Fee or Fine List that you want to assign to the school. In this example, we are going to visit the Fee List

2. Click on the Status dropdown for the Fee you would like to make active in the SCP

3. Once you've set the status to Active, the fee should now appear in the Parent Portal given that:

  • The grades for the fee are correct
  • The availability dates are valid
  • The status at the DCP/SCP is set to Active