Depending on the Payment Gateways that are set up for your Webstore, customers will be able to make payments by credit card, check (ACH), and cash.

Please note the following:

  1. Orders cannot be created in the backend, so ALL customers will need to visit the Parent Portal to make purchases.
  2. When a customer pay by credit card or ACH, they must go through the Parent Portal to make the payments. Credit cards or checks cannot be accepted in person (otherwise K-12 Online cannot record those payments).
  3. When a customer pays by cash, they will need to create the order in the Parent Portal to print out their receipt. Then, they will need to bring the cash along with the receipt to the administrative office. Admins will be required to change the payment status upon payment acceptance.
  4. Once an order is marked as Paid, it cannot be altered or deleted.

To process cash payments, customers will first need to create the order in the Parent Portal and print the receipt. When payment and receipt is brought in, you can process the payment to reflect accordingly in K-12 Online.

Navigation: SCP > Webstore > Order Manager

1. Search for the order you wish to edit

2. Under Options, click on the dropdown to "Change Order Status"

3. Check off "Paid the Order" and "Cash" to confirm that payment was received.

4. Click Submit.