Navigation: DCP or SCP > Webstore > Reports > Reconciliation

Where you run the reconciliation process is contingent on where the merchant resides - either the DCP or SCP. For example, if the merchant you are reconciling for was created at the DCP, you must run the reconciliation at the DCP and not at the SCP level. 

1. Select the following in order to reconcile your orders:

  • School: Only visible in the DCP
  • Merchant: if you do not see the merchant under this list, make sure you are either in the appropriate control panel - DCP or SCP.
  • Date Range: from date through to date.
  • Payment Type: you will need to run reconciliations separately for each payment option you have available to customers.

2. Click "View Orders"

3. Select the orders you wish to reconcile and edit:

  • Expected Amount: amount that you should have received from the orders
  • Actual Amount: actual amount that you received from the orders
  • Short/Over: the difference from expected amount and actual amount. If it is zero, then everything is perfect.  If not, then you need to investigate the difference.
  • Reconcile Date: verify (and modify if necessary) the Reconcile Date to the merchant transaction report or your bank deposit statement.
  • Notes: you may enter reasons for not balancing in the notes area.

3. Verify all the entered information. Once you click "Deposit/Reconcile," the orders will be removed from the reconciliation and you will not be able to re-do the process. 

4. Click "Deposit/Reconcile.

5. To closeout the reconciled deposits, please see Order Closeout.