Navigation: DCP or SCP > Online Payments > Closeout

Closing out orders allow you to generate a Closeout Report that will take all your reconciled orders and distribute the money to the designated general ledger accounts for your records.  You can close out multiple reconciliations with multiple payment types at once.

 The report will show the following:

  • Reconciliation Summary
    • Credit Card Detail
    • ACH Detail
    • Cash Detail
  • Reconciliation Notes
  • Expected Payment Summary
  • Actual Payment Summary
  • Sales by General Ledger Report
  • Convenience Fee Summary
  • Sales by Category Report

1. To closeout your deposited/reconciled orders, search for the:

  • School: Closeout will be viewable in the control panel in which the merchant was created.
  • Merchant: that you started the reconciliation for
  • Date Range: date that you reconciled

2. Click "View Deposits"

3. Select the Deposit/Reconciliation you want to closeout.

4. Click Reset if you want to restart the deposit/reconciliation search.

5. You can either closeout daily, weekly, monthly depending on your accounting process. Once you are certain you want to closeout your deposits, click on "Close out Checked Reconciliations"

This will generate a comprehensive report for the details of the Closeout Summary. To view your closeout report, 

see Closeout Summary Example

7. To view all your closeout reports, go back to the Closeout Manager

Navigation: DCP or SCP > Webstore > Reports > Closeout

Click on "Previous Closeouts"

Select the closeout report