Custom Form: a form that is not a system form and can be created at the DCP or SCP. Custom Forms are editable and may be made active/inactive at any time. Districts are responsible for creating their custom forms and keeping them up-to-date.

Navigation: DCP or SCP > Form > Manager

1. Click on "Add Form"

2. Complete the necessary information in order to initially save the form. After saving, you will be able to create your form fields.

  • Form Name: name of the form that will appear to students in the Parent Portal
  • Locking Days: the number of days after initial submission in which the user will be unable to change the information on the form. "0" allows continual changes
  • Is Printed?: if selected, the Form Name will appear on the printed PDF Summary of the student's registration
  • SIS Sync: if selected, the custom form may push/pull to and from your Student Information System (SIS). In order for this to work properly, it will require extra work on your end to ensure the fields are mapped/configured with your SIS custom fields (core fields cannot be mapped).
  • Form Info Copied to Siblings: if selected, the form submission qualities will transfer to students who are marked as this student's siblings. (Please note: the system does not recognize siblings automatically. You will need to configure the family key for this feature to work.)
  • Form Type
    • New Student (NS) Form: a form that are specific to new students. Select this option if you are using the 2-step enrollment process
    • Returning Student (RS) Form: a form that is specific to returning students. Select this option if you are using the 2-step enrollment process
    • Non-Registration Form: a form that is tied to a Webstore Item or Donation. Non-Registration Forms do not appear on the Parent Portal Dashboard, but only during checkout. If it is tied to an Item or Donation, the Non-Registration Form must be completed in order to complete the purchase.
    • Both (RS & NS Form): a form that will be available to BOTH new and returning students. Select this option if you using the 1-step enrollment process.
  • Form Category: a form that will only appear on the Parent Portal Dashboard if the student picks that particular form category. Category forms can be forms associated with Athletes, International Students, PTA, or anything that may not apply to all students. (Note: Form Categories are created at the DCP only. They may be used for SCP custom forms). See Form Categories
  • Is Acknowledgement Form?: parent and/or student will be required to check an acknowledgement box at the end of the form in order to submit it. This can be used as an equivalent to a signature for the form.
  • Send Email Notification To: email notification will be sent to the email(s) listed in the text area whenever a form is completed. Multiple emails can be entered with a comma but with NO SPACE between emails.
  • Grade: select all the grades that the form is applicable to. Not all grades are required, but please be advised that the form will not show in the Parent Portal for students who are not in the grade that is assigned to the form.
  • Form Content: the CMS editor that can be used to add customized text, images, and hyperlinks. This information will appear at the top of the form in the Parent Portal.
  • Form Access: if you have sub-admin roles, you can designate whether or not they can have access to view and/or edit the particular form.