Custom forms will remain in the DCP until it is manually selected to appear in the SCP. This is what is known as assigning the form to the SCP. 

Navigation: DCP > Forms > Manager > Options

Complete the information in order to assign the form:

To be edited by School: If your form is to remain district controlled, then leave this box unchecked. You will only check this box if you want schools to be able to edit and make changes to the form at the SCP. 

Assign Form: select all schools or specific schools.

After you've made your selections, click "Assign"

Once the form has been assigned to the school, you should be able to see it in the Parent Portal (when signing into either the New Student or Returning Student). If you still do not see the form in the parent portal, double check your school assignment as well as the status of the form, the grades that pertain to the form, and whether you the form is for new students or returning students.

Please NoteWhen checking off "To be edited by School" and clicking "Assign", PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK that the form is still assigned to its school. If all the fields are blank, re-assign the form to its school.