System Form: a system structured form that is uneditable and is used to collect basic information about the student. For those using the API, this information is necessary in order to push/pull students to your SIS.

There are 3 system forms that are available to use

  • Student Information Form
  • Student Contact Form
  • Student Ethnicity Form

If you are NOT using the API to connect with your SIS (Aeries, Chalkable, Powerschool, etc.), then you may choose to turn off the system forms for your school(s). This will affect all schools under the district.

Navigation: DCP > Forms > Forms Manager

Change the system form status to "Inactive" if you wish to not use one or more of those forms.

You can also edit if you want Student Contact and Required Documents to be active for both New and Returning Students

Navigation: DCP > Settings > Parent Portal > System Forms/Fields