Returning Student Registration

The Returning Student registration module allows students who have a student ID in the SIS to update demographics, acknowledge forms and make online payments. Information and functionality associated with these returning students will appear in the Navigation: SCP > Student > Returning Student > Manager

Understanding Returning Student Registration Manager

Fine: Assess individual fines to a student

Edit: Change a student's information

Emergency Contact: Bring up and edit student contacts.

Student Message: Post and view a custom message so they will see it upon registration in the Parent Portal

Student Tag: Assign a tag(s) to a student

Check-In: Check in a student.  This allows you to acknowledge that a student has returned all registration documents and is ready for school!

View PDF:  Ability to view the completed registration PDF

Documents: View the specific Document Requirements for a student

Individual Form: View the individual forms of a student

Delete: Deletes the record of the student. THIS DOESN'T UNFILL OUT THE FORMS THAT HE/SHE SUBMITS.