This feature allows you to create a Link in the form that will allow the user to download any file (including a PDF File) when they click on it.

Navigation: DCP/SCP: Form > Manager > Add Form / Form Edit option

Uploading a PDF file or other file is similar to uploading an image in the CMS editor. The only difference is that you will only upload the file to retrieve the URL to insert into your CMS content (or Page Content). Please follow the steps below:

1. When editing the content of a form you will come across this toolbar that contains an "Image" icon.

2. Clicking the Image button will lead you to the Image Properties window. Click on "Browse Server." 

3. This will open up the File Manager where you will upload your image, PDF file, etc. 

4. Click on "Add file" and search your desktop for the file you wish you upload.


After the File is uploaded to the File Manager, you will still need to Select It and Click OK.

The text field "URL" should have a file path displayed that links up with your image. 


6. Once you've copied the URL, Exit out of the Image Properties window and go back into your Content. 

7. Highlight the text or image you wish you hyperlink your file to. Then Click the LINK icon.

8. Paste (Right-Click Paste) your link Into the URL Field below.

8. Click OK and you should see the word you selected be underlined and blue. To test it out, you'll have to Save and Preview the form.