There are 2 types of forms, General Forms and Category Forms.

When editing a form, you have the option of placing it in a Form Category. Please note that you DO NOT HAVE TO pick a category, as leaving this as a General Form leaves it visable to all registering students.

General Forms: All forms that are NOT placed in a category fall under General Forms. These forms are visible to all students in the matching grade levels, and are required to be filled out in order to complete registration. Typically most forms are general forms.

Category Forms: Placing a form in a category turns it into a Category Form. A Category Form would generally not apply to all students. Being in a category lets parents pick if they want to fill out the forms in the category. For example, if you have a Bus Form, you can place the form in a Bus Transportation Category. When a parent is registering they can skip filling out the forms in this category if their child isn't using the bus.

Form Category: Some forms may not apply to all students, so you can create a form category to distinguish those forms. Forms assigned to a form category will only appear on the Parent Portal dashboard if the student selects the Category at initial login or on the left-hand navigation bar.

Navigation: DCP > Form > Form Category


2. Enter in a Form Category Name. Forms can be assigned to this Category Name, and it will appear in the Parent Portal.