This is a PowerSchool Checklist of important areas to go over to make sure that you pull complete student information and properly set up your K12OL DCP.

These are a few main points to go over and double check before pulling your student info from PowerSchool. Follow along and check each topic to ensure that pulling your student information goes smoothly and that you don't have mismatched/incomplete information.


1. Make sure that all students in PowerSchool have a username. When pulling to K12OL the Student Username will become the Students Access Key for K12OL for WebAccess. You can find the info under each student in PowerSchool > Access Accounts.


2. Set up the Contact Relation ID's in V6. Make sure that the Contact Relations ID from V3 matches the ones in V6.ESPECIALLY DENTIST AND PHYSICIAN. You can find these under DCP: Settings > System > SIS Relations > Contact Relations. Fields with blank ID's do not show up in the parent portal.


3. SET UP YOUR GRADES! You will need to set up your grades and their SIS ID's in BOTH The DCP and SCP. You can find the Grade Level section in DCP/SCP: Settings > System > Grade Level. Be sure to check each SIS ID to make sure it is set correctly. Make sure the desired grades are set to active in the SCP. IF YOU DO NOT SET UP YOUR GRADE SIS ID'S  IT WILL NOT LOAD THE STUDENTS INTO THE CORRECT GRADE LEVEL.

4. Make sure the Maximum contacts (not including Parent/Guardian) is set to 3. PowerSchool only allows 3 maximum contacts. The settings can be found in the DCP: Settings > Parent Portal > System Forms / Fields.


5. Review your mandatory fields and show/hide settings. This is located in the DCP under Settings > Parent Portal > System Forms / Fields. Mandatory fields should only be checked if school absolutely necessitates that information. For example, some parents may not have a physician and the form will prevent them from saving if the field is left blank.

6. Check your Student Formatting - Phone. This is located in the DCP under Settings > System > SIS Settings > Student Formatting. The Phone format should be "999-999-9999". If it is not, delete the existing phone format and replace it with a Phone of Format Type Mask with 999-999-9999 as the format.

7. Pull your students into K12 Online. This is located in the SCP:  SIS > Pull Students from SIS. Depending on how many students you are pulling from Power=School into K12 Online, it should take anywhere from 30 min to an hour. Click on the Download button to start. DO NOT close the tab until you read that it was successful. If you get disconnected or an error occurs from loading, just refresh your screen and re-click the Download button to continue pulling your students data.