This feature allows the admin to upload selected new students to the SIS through the API.

Navigation: SCP > New Student > Manager

  1. Check the students that you will be uploading
  2. From the Task Manager, select the option "Push New Student to SIS"
  3. Click "Go"
  4. The Tag should show "Push New Student To SIS"

Now that they are set to be pushed you will still need to select and push them into the SIS

If you have specific fields that you wish to push into the SIS, make sure the Field Mapping is set up for those particular forms.

Navigation: SCP > Settings > System > Manage Exit Date

Before you Push the Students, make sure that you have an Active Exit Date before Pushing Students. Otherwise it will send back an error and not push the students successfully

Navigation: SCP > SIS > Push New Student to SIS

  1. Go to the Push New Student to SIS Tab
  2. Select the students you wish to Push
  3. You may click "Update Entry Date" to change the SIS Entry Date before pushing. Otherwise it will default to today's date after the selected student has been pushed
  4. Click "Sync To SIS" to Push

  • The system will automatically push the "enabled" extended schema to the SIS in approximately 15 min
  • You can check and see if it was successful in the Student Log

Navigation: SCP > Log > View SIS Log for Student Update

  • Once your student's preliminary information has been uploaded into the SIS, you will need to complete their enrollment in the SIS

Navigation: SCP > SIS > Pull Students from SIS

  1. Open up the Pull Students From SIS tab and Click "Download"
  2. Let the page finish loading even if code appears on the page
  3. Once the page is done loading, go back and your student will have been moved into the returning student manager with all their forms that they've filled out previously

Please Note that while some forms can be set for New Students, Returning Students, or Both.. Custom Reports can only be pulled from either New or Returning students, not both. You will need to pull the new students that have filled out a particular form into the returning student manager in order to generate complete forms for all the students at one time.