Hello everyone!

If you missed the V6 Demo, you can watch the recorded version here:


Original Date: April 19, 2017

Important Notes:

  • Version 3 (the current site) and Version 6 (the new site) will be available simultaneously, so you do not need to worry about the transition at this time.
  • Not all functionalities will be readily available when your site is released. A timeline will be shared with you to note which features will be available for you. At this time, we are focusing on Set-Up only.
  • There will be multiple future training sessions in correlation with the timeline. Training topics will only be discussed when the feature is fully functional. Please do not try to access other areas that are not discussed in training because they will not work properly.
  • Training on April 25 and 26 are intended for Master Administrators only.
  • All features for Registration are expected to be ready at the beginning of July.
  • V3 data will not automatically transfer to V6. Forms and Webstores can be scripted over upon request. More information to come next week.

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