Your Powerschool Emergency Contact Relation needs to be synchronized with that of K-12 Online. 

Navigation: DCP > Settings > System > SIS Settings > Contact Relations

  • Check off the relations that you would want to have appear in the schoolportal.  You will have to create a District Code 
  • Synchronize these relations with the dropdown list for your emergency contacts in Powerschool's Emergency Contact/Medical screen. MAKE SURE THE FIELD NAMES ARE EXACTLY AS WRITTEN IN K-12 ONLINE
  • Make sure that MOTHER, FATHER, PHYSICIAN and GUARDIAN are added

Default Powerschool Relations

  1. Aunt
  2. Brother
  3. Dentist
  4. Father
  5. Friend
  6. Grandfather
  7. Grandmother
  8. Guardian
  9. Mother
  10. Neighbor
  11. Other
  12. Physician
  13. Sister
  14. Uncle