This is not applicable to all schools, but only to Powerschool Users who are using Extended Schema/Page Fragments.

To map your extended contact fields in K-12 Online, the extended schema in Powerschool's Custom Student Screen Fields will need to correspond with the fields in the form in K-12 Online.

Navigation: DCP > Settings > SIS Settings > District Contacts Mapping

Find the extended schema in PowerSchool

Navigation: Powerschool: Start Page > System Administrator > Page and Data Management > Manage Database Extensions

For the Choose Workflow Type select 'Advanced Extension - Create and manage database extensions, tables and fields' > Next

> Select your District Contacts Mapping extended schema that you created

The SIS Extension Name will be the Extension name in Powerschool.

> Next > Select your Extension Table Name> Next

The SIS Data Type will be what you set to create the field. Most fields are set to 'String'.


The SIS Field name will be the Field Name in PowerSchool. 

The mapping in K-12 Online should look as follows. Select those fields that you want to be "active" and click the  button at the bottom of the page.