This feature allows the admin to upload selected new students to PowerSchool through the API.

Navigation: SCP > New Student > Manager

  1. Check the students that you will be uploading to the SIS
  2. From the Task Manager, select the option "Push New Student to SIS"
  3. Click "Go"
  4. The Status should show "Push New Student to SIS"
  5. Go to SCP > SIS > Push New Student To SIS
  6. Check the box next to student, click "Sync To SIS"
  7. The system will automatically push the "enabled" extended schema.  
  8. The record will be queued for SIS Synchronization.
  9. Once your student's preliminary information has been uploaded into Powerschool, you will need to complete their enrollment in Powerschool. 
  10. Students will be automatically pulled into the Returning Student Manager.