This feature allows you to create forms with custom field/ extended schema mapping.  This will allow you to PUSH your selected custom fields from K-12 Online to Powerschool automatically when the custom form is submitted by the parent and the fields are correctly mapped with Powerschool. 

  • Database extensions in PS
  • Create a form with SIS custom field integration
  • Field Mapping for SIS custom field integration
  • Enabling / Disabling custom fields

Setting up Database extensions in PS

**Please make sure you are in the District Office in PowerSchool.

PS Navigation: Start Page > System Administrator > Page and Data Management > Manage Database Extensions

  • To create your extension table, it is recommended that you select the 'Advanced Extension' option. However, if you've used the Basic Extension,  the SIS Extension Name is U_Students_Extension. Once you've selected the Advanced Extension, click 'Next' at the bottom right


  • Create an extension by clicking “Add” at the top right
  • Name the extension for the custom fields
  • Click Apply and then Next

  • Click Next until you can create New Fields. Add fields.
  • Powerschool extended schema will be mapped to K-12 Online  custom fields
  • Please note that the length can be from 40 to 4000 characters.  Ensure that you have enabled sufficient characters for the length field as insufficient characters will result in blank fields.
  • The 'Add Field' window should look as follows:

Create a K-12 Online form with SIS custom field integration

Navigation: From the School / District Control Panel, select the FORMS menu tab and then Form Manager. 

  • In the Form Elements section under the Form Structure tab, select 'Yes' to enable the SIS to push/pull the information in that form to and from PowerSchool

Field Mapping for SIS custom field integration

To map your extended fields in K-12 Online, the extended schema in Powerschool's Custom Student Screen Fields  will need to correspond with the fields in the form in K-12 Online.


Navigation: DCP/SCP > Forms > Form Manager

  • Click on "Field Mapping" in the forms list.

  • Find the extended schema in Powerschool

PS Navigation: Powerschool: Start Page > System Administrator > Page and Data Management > Custom Student Screens

Extended Schema in Powerschool is written as follows:  EXTENSION TABLE NAME.Field Name

The SIS Field Name will be the end of the Field Name in PowerSchool

The SIS Data Type will be what you set to create the field.  Most fields are set to 'String'.

The SIS Extension Name will be the Extension name in PowerSchool which is the first part of Field Name