• Updating Student Information
  • Updating Emergency Contacts
  • View SIS Sync Log

Updating Student Information 

This feature allows the admin to approve student information changes.  All changes made in the schoolportal will appear in the UPDATES screen.

  • All changes to the Student Demographics will appear in the Old vs Current in a red pending box to the parent. Changes will not be permanent until the admin approves of the changes. This is mandatory for the admin.


Navigation: SCP > SIS > Update Student Information

  • When you select an individual student, you can make additional edits by clicking on the edit icon to the right of the student’s information.
  • When you have made the necessary edits, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen to either update the student information or delete the student information
  • The Updates will be queued to synchronize with Chalkable.  You can view the SIS Sync log for the Update status.

Updating Emergency Contacts

Parent Portal View:


Navigation: SCP > SIS > Update Emergency Contacts

  • Important: Check off the names that require approval started with the the DELETED records first.  Update those Emergency Contacts first.

Viewing SIS Sync Log

Navigation: SCP > Log > View SIS log

  • The list will show all the updates approved by the admin.
  • Once the sync has been completed, a "Success" will appear in the Success column.