Having Sub admins is a great way to have many administrators who don't have access to the entire system. Sub-admins have different oversight over the SCP with controllable access to its features.

Navigation: SCP > User > School Sub-Admin Manager

SCP Sub-Admins:

- Cannot edit DCP controlled forms

- Need to be assigned a role

- Need to be assigned a merchant if they want access to that webstore

The SCP Sub-Admin Manager is used to create sub-admins at the SCP level. You will then assign a role to them which you can edit and create in the roles section. You can also click on the "Edit" button under options to edit the info and even assign which merchants you wish them to have access to.

Navigation: SCP > User > School Sub-Admin Roles

This is the SCP Roles section. Here is where you can create and edit Roles which can have different privileges and set custom report fields.  

Click on the Blue button to Assign Role privileges

Here you can assign which pages they have access to and what they can do on those pages. 

You can also scroll down and click on "Check All Options" to select everything instead of having to click them all.

Click the Yellow Button to Set custom report fields and give access to different forms and report info

SCP sub-admin roles need to assign which DCP Controlled forms and System forms the assigned admin can view