The Webstore can be used for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the sale of books, school supplies, spirit wear, student fines, registration fees, field trip fees, and more.

Navigation: DCP/SCP > Webstore > Merchants

You can create a merchant at the DCP or SCP level:

  • If created at the DCP, the Webstore will be considered district control. It will not be able to be edited at the SCP level. The DCP Webstore will be seen at all SCP's and in order for it to be activated for that particular school, you will need to activate the items/fees/fines/donations.
  • If created at the SCP, the merchant cannot be transferred to the DCP or to any other school - it will remain within that particular SCP.
  • SCP: Must activate categories and items in order for them to properly appear in parent portal

  • DCP Controlled Merchants cannot use the Reconciliate or closeout
  • Each separate bank account should be its own merchant and should have its own Payment Gateway

  • Create categories inside the merchant if you wish to have different schools and SCP's associated with a single merchant. This way items will be associated with their school and can be categoriezed that way in the reports when looking up specific information, but all the money will go into a single account