When students apply for admission, you can have their references submit their recommendations directly online. This ensures all applications are complete and all recommendations are confidential.

The Recommendation Module is not available to everyone by default. To set up, contact your Client Service Representative so that they can turn on the Recommendation feature for your District. Once activated, you will see a new tab appear in your DCP that says "Recommendation".

Navigation: DCP > Recommendation > List

First you need to Create a Custom Form in the form manager for references to fill out. Set the type to "Non Registration". 

Add fields to the form. It may be a simple open-ended text field to write a letter of recommendation. and/or a set of specific questions. (It cannot use a file upload)

Set the form Status to Active.

If each student needs multiple recommendations, Select  Replicate Form. You must have a separate form for each required recommendation, even if the questions are the same. Make sure the Form Names are distinct.

In the DCP > Recommendation > List, click the blue "Add Recommendation" button.  

Select your Recommendation Form from the menu.

Here you enter in the instructions for the parent for who they should select as references and the recommender to complete the form.  

Please note that recommendations cannot be edited or deleted once they have been filled out once, similar to the way forms work in the Form Manager.

Work Flow

When parents fill out the registration forms, they must click Recommendation under "Forms to be completed". 

The numbers indicate how many recommendations have been submitted and the number required.

Parents can click the grid icon to see a preview of the recommendation form (read only).

Then parents click the Send icon, enter the references name, email, and phone number, and click Send Recommendation. The status will change from Pending to Submitted. Repeat for each required recommendation.

The reference person recieves an email with your instructions and a link "Click here for Recommendation Form"

The reference fills out the form. (They must type or paste their text, they cannot upload a file.) They may click the Save Draft button if they need to finish later. Then they click Send Recommendation when done.

Parents should login again to check the status of Recommendations. It will say "Completed" (Note that parents cannot see what the reference rote.) Parents may then submit the application forms only when all required recommendations are Completed.

Admins can see each students recommendation forms among all their other application/registration forms.