Pulling custom reports is simple and easy to do. You can pull together information about the students along with their specific answers for custom forms. The first thing you do is go into your SCP and go into the Report > Generate Custom Report tab.

Navigation: SCP > Report > Generate Custom Report

For step 1 you will choose whether it’s for New or Returning students, the title of the report, and the student info. The checkboxes that you select will be the columns that appear in the CSV/PDF file that it outputs. I usually do first name, last name, and student number. Once done select “Proceed To Select Contacts

Step 2 is for contacts which you can choose to add or not. You can add info of the emergency contacts here but if you wish to skip it and continue then scroll down and press the yellow button “proceed without contact selection”

Step 3 is where you pick the forms. Select which forms you want to pull data from and press “Select Form”.

The form fields will populate below. If there is a question or a field that you want to select pick the checkbox with the question.

Note that Field labels that have no info to pull will appear blank and line dividers will appear as the word false. 

Step 4 is mainly for ordering the columns in the CSV file that the system outputs. You can also pick a range of students to pull from so that you don’t have to pull everyone every time. You can also save the report conditions so that you don’t have to go through all these steps each time you wish to pull a specific report.