These are the settings that need to be initially gone over with your new Jupiter school district/school.

School Settings

Navigation: DCP: School > Manager 

Here you can see the list of all schools in the district as well as edit, go to the SCP, and go to parent portal of each one.

Clicking Edit lets you change the schools main info. 

School Year under “default password” needs to be selected, otherwise default school year will by synced.

DCP: Settings>System>SIS Settings

Contact Relations

Label text required depending on School admin needs. Need to select the relations that you want used and enter the correct SIS Relation Id into the field. After you are done hit save at the bottom.

Race & Ethnicity

View SIS Ethnicity to sync ethnicity. This list is the races and ethnicities that the school uses which need to be added if wanted. Jupiter has no race sub-categories so additional race categories need to be created if needed.

Student Formatting

Do not need to set Student Formatting

Additional Custom Map Fields

Additional Custom Map Fields need to be set if required

Grade Level

Enter Grade Level with SIS Grade ID. After adding a grade in the DCP, you will need to go into the SCP to activate it.

Emergency Contacts.  In K12OL New Student Enrollment, primary contacts = mother, father, guardian.  No parent.

Admin setup:

In Jupiter, These are the Custom Parent Fields that need to be enabled in K-12 Online and added to Jupiter:
Employer Occupation
Employer Name
Employer Address 1
Employer Address 2
Employer City
Employer State
Employer Country
Employer Zipcode

Custom Student Fields that need to be enabled in K-12 Online and added in Jupiter
Physical Country
Birth Country
Birth State
Birth City
USA Entered Date
Student Guardianship