There are several ways to navigate to your SCP and Parent Portal from the DCP. The 1st way is through the School Manager. The second is through the admin profile which is used when trying to copy the link of each site.

You can easily navigate the different links by going into the School Manager

Navigation: DCP > School > Manager

Here you can click on each SCP Link as well as Parent Portal to go to each page.

You can also click on "Access SCP" in the top, which will give you a dropdown for all the SCP's in your district.

However please note that these links are not the proper links to enter if you are trying to copy and send the links to other admins or put them in a different web browser. If you want the URL for each site you will need to find the link by going to the admin profile.

You can reach the Admin Profile page in each SCP by clicking the name in the top right.

Navigation: SCP: "Admin name" > My profile

Here you can see all the info towards that SCP. If you scroll to the bottom to important links, you will find the URL for that SCP and its Parent Portal. 

This is the correct link you should be sending other people or typing into the web browser!