The webstore allows parents to purchase items, pay for fees and financial obligations and make donations online.  In the webstore module, you can view orders, reports and set up your webstore.

Webstore Setup

Webstores can be set up at the DCP or SCP level.

  • If created at the DCP, the Webstore will be considered district control. It will not be able to be edited at the SCP level. The DCP Webstore will be seen at all SCP's and in order for it to be activated for that particular school, you will need to activate the categories and items/fees/fines/donations in the SCP.
  • If created at the SCP, the merchant cannot be transferred to the DCP or to any other school - it will remain within that particular SCP.

1. Set up Item Master Attributes

Navigation: DCP > Webstore > Setup > Item Master Attribute

If you are selling items with attributes such as color, size, types of musical instruments etc, these need to be set in the DCP.

2. Set up Webstores

DCP / SCP > Webstore > Setup > Webstores

Enabled Webstores should be listed on this page.  If the Webstore is not listed, See Creating a Merchant

3. Create Categories

In order to allow parents to easily maneuver through the parent portal, it's best to set up categories and subcategories to organize the items that your school will be selling. See Creating Categories.

4. Create Items / Fees / Financial Obligations / Donations

Once you've done steps 1-3, then you can create the items you wish to sell in your Webstore. There are differences between the different available features, so be sure to read through the items,  fees, financial obligations, and donations to determine how they will fit your schools' needs.

5. Assign DCP Items, Fees, Financial Obligations, and Donations to the SCP

In order for items created at the DCP to show in the parent portal, you will need to assign them to the SCP. This can be done by going into each SCP Webstore and changing the status to "Active." See Assigning District (DCP) Items, Fees, Financial Obligations, Donations to the School (SCP).

6. Open your Webstore

Most schools enable the Webstore when they open registration. They do this in order to make sure student purchases are linked to the student accounts (orders are linked only when a student is logged into their account). Otherwise, the purchase is considered a public payment and is not linked to an associated student account.

If you need to run any refunds involving online payments, please keep in mind that this must be done through TXP and by the FULL amount that was paid. See TXP Refunds

7. Run Reports

If necessary, there are predefined reports that you may use for reporting: