This help desk contains all you need to know about the K-12 Online system as well as submitting support request or addressing your concerns: 

Knowledge BaseIf you need a quick answer or are working at the wee hours of the morning and cannot reach us, you can use the knowledge base to get instant answers. It is very comprehensible and all you have to do is type in a keyword or phrase. A list of possible answers will drop down as you go, or if you click enter, you will receive different articles that may help you. Easy right? If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can click on "Read More" for Knowledge Base OR "Solution Home" and you will see different folders that may help you.

AnnouncementsThe K-12 Online team is committed to providing you with exceptional support, and a part of that is keeping you up-to-date with important information regarding the system and other information that may affect you. Please check back on the page from time-to-time so that you don't miss out on any information!

Community ForumWe love you. We cannot be K-12 Online without YOU. We love that you ask questions, provide us with feedback, and request new features from us. We appreciate your ideas and more importantly, we believe that your ideas are so valuable, that you may even help each other. Use our community forums to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas with other users.

Ticket SupportIf you find that your concern or question is not answered, don't worry! We are here to help! In order to document and track the issues we receive, please create a new ticket by clicking above on the button "CREATE NEW TICKET." One of our friendly representatives will be in contact with you to help resolve your issue.

That's it! Simple, isn't it? Let's get started!