When Signing up for tuition, right after selecting a schedule, you pick between 2 payment processing types. Auto Pay, and Manual Pay. 

Auto Pay requires you to give a form of payment, and it will automatically charge you on the payment dates for the tuition totals. You will be reminded of upcoming charges and will receive email notifications of transactions but the system will make each payment for you. This is a "Set it and forget it" method where you can enter in your information and be done with it. You also have the ability to pay for purchases ahead of time if you so wish to.

Manual Pay requires you to log in and manually enter in your payment information each time a payment is due. This way required more work because of having to log in and enter in payment information each time, but it will not charge your account on payment due dates like Auto Pay does. You will need to remember to pay each payment on or before the due date or else risk a penalty being assessed to it. Email Reminders will be sent out making it easy to remember to pay, but if you don't log in and click pay, you will miss your payment due date.