Modified on: Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 2:09 PM

In order for students to be added to the system properly, it is required to set up the grade levels prior to pulling/importing students. This will also need to be done before creating your webstore as grades are associated with all sale-able items.

If you are using the API or Webservice, it is required to have the SIS Grade ID match your SIS settings.

All the grades that are used across your SCP's must be created at the District level. You will need to create a library of grades first before assigning them to each SCP. 

Navigation: DCP > Settings > System > Grade Level

  1.  To add a new grade, click on the "ADD GRADE" button.
  2. The SIS ID needs to match the Grade ID pulled from SIS

2. Click Save.

3. Navigation: SCP > Settings > System > Grade Level

4. Assign the grade to the school by changing the Status to "Active"

Please note: grades cannot be deleted if they are affiliated with a student, webstore item, or form within your database.