This guide assists in transitioning your school / district from one school year to the next.

Sync data between K-12 Online and SIS

Make sure that all the current year's data (Student and contact information) has been updated and synced back into the SIS.  

Configuring new academic session in K-12 Online

Make sure that the new academic session is established in K-12 Online

Your SIS may have a different configuration.  You can search under your particular SIS for its unique method of configuration

Updating Forms

  1. If you would like to update your forms, the student data should not be affiliated with the forms. Delete all students.
  2. Update / edit necessary forms.

Upload Students

  1. Promote students in your SIS with the correct academic session.
  2. Pull students back into K-12 Online with the new academic session.

Spot check students

  1. Test to make sure that information has been pulled correctly.