The recommendation feature allows parents of new students to request recommenders to complete recommendations online. Recommenders complete the recommendation and submit the form with a click of a button. The recommendation is attached to the students record for review by the school while restricting the parents view.

Please Note: Only school districts that request the recommendation feature will see it appear on your tabs in the DCP level. 

Navigation: DCP > Recommendation

Recommendations are used for New Students Only. 

Steps to set up recommendations in the parent portal

1. Create a non-registration form. This form will be the one that is used for the recommendation. It will be emailed to and submitted by             whoever is giving the recommendation.

2. Create a recommendation in the DCP: Recommendation > List, and pick the non-registration form that you wish to use.

3. Fill in the description and instructions, when you are done hit the "Insert Recommendation" button

Now it will appear in the Parent Portal as its own form with your list of created recommendations.

It will email the student/parent once the recommendations have been completed so that they can continue with registration.

Restoring a recommendation

Recommendations that have been submitted are locked and cannot be edited. If you are using a test student and wish to restore the recommendation so that the student has not filled it out or submitted it, you can do so in the New Student Manager 

SCP: Student > New Student > Manager > Options dropdown > Individual form

Here you can see the recommendations that the student has submitted. Click the restore button just as you would a form to erase the students recommendation.