The registration process depends on forms. Forms can be simple or richly complex, depending on what information you require from and how you organize them.

Forms can be used to:

  • Collect student information necessary to enroll the him/her into the school – i.e. demographics, emergency contact, health, ethnicity information, etc. 
  • Show information to the parent/student – i.e. announcements, events calendars, policies, flyers, and procedures, etc.
  • Obtain parent/student electronic acknowledgments – i.e. field trip permissions, health education activities, sports activities, conferences, etc.
  • Solicit parent volunteer interest – i.e. PTA, carpool, tutoring, etc.
  • Gather parent/student information for surveys
  • Provide purchasing opportunities – i.e. fees, school books, and other school related supplies, class rings, clothing, etc.
  • Target specific grade levels – i.e. special activities like grad night, parking and off-campus permissions
  • Obtain external or "non-registration" information such as mandatory information linked to a webstore item or donation

Understanding Forms

System Form: a system structured form that is uneditable and is used to collect basic information about the student. For those using the API, this information is necessary in order to push/pull students to your SIS. (System Forms: Student Information Form, Emergency Contact Form, and Ethnicity Form)

Custom Form: forms that are not system forms and can be created at the DCP or SCP. Custom Forms are editable and may be made active/inactive at any time. Districts are responsible for creating their custom forms and keeping them up-to-date. The following are types of custom forms that you can create during initial form setup:

New Student Form: a form that are specific to new students

Returning Student Form: a form that is specific to returning students


Category Form: a form that will only appear on the Parent Portal Dashboard if the student picks that particular form category. Category forms can be forms associated with Athletes, International Students, PTA, or anything that may not apply to all students. (Note: Form Categories are created at the DCP only. They may be used for SCP custom forms)

Grade Specific Form: a form that is specific to grades chosen during the form creation

Non-Registration Form: a form that is tied to a Webstore Item or Donation. Non-Registration Forms do not appear on the Parent Portal Dashboard, but only during checkout. If it is tied to an Item or Donation, the Non-Registration Form must be completed in order to complete the purchase.

K-12 Online gives you the flexibility and control to create, edit, activate/de-activate, and delete your own forms without vendor intervention.

Basic Instructions

1. Create a Custom Form at the District Control Panel (DCP).

  • You can create forms at the School Control Panel (SCP), but please keep in mind, that the form will remain at the SCP if created there. If you would like the ability to assign the form to multiple schools, you will need to create the form at the DCP.

2. Create Form Categories if necessary.

  • Do not forget to assign it to your Custom Form.

3. Create fields in the Form Designer.

4. Preview the form in the Form Manager.

5. Set the Form Order in the Form Manager.

6. Assign the DCP Form to your school(s).

  • Skip this step if you created the form at the SCP.

7. Test the form and every single field by signing into in the Parent Portal as a student.

8. If you need to restore the form to make edits, then un-assign and re-assign the form to the school.

  • Please note: un-assigning the form will clear all student data that pertains to the form.

9. Test and edit your form(s) until you are content.