This feature allows the admin to upload selected new students from K-12 Online to Chalkable through the API.

Navigation: SCP > New Student > New Student Manager

  1. Check the students that you will be uploading to the SIS
  2. From the Task Manager, select the option "Set Status Ready for SIS"
  3. Click GO.  
  4. The Status for the selected student(s) will change and say "Ready for SIS"
  5. Go to the SIS > Push New Students to SIS tab on the menubar and click on "Push New Student to SIS"
  6. Click on the "Verify Contact" Icon to determine duplicate contacts in Chalkable. 
  7. IMPORTANT: If you are uploading siblings with identical contacts, you will need to wait for the contact AND the student to be processed in Chalkable before processing the next sibling.  Wait until you receive a successful message for the first student and their contacts before proceeding. Otherwise duplicate contacts will be created.
  8. Select the correct contact information to be associated with the student that will be uploaded to the SIS, click "Submit"
  9. Hit Submit and the "Verify Contact" icon should disappear
  10. Check the box next to student, click "Sync to SIS"
  11. The record will be queued for SIS Synchronization.