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A general ledger account is an account or record used to sort and store balance sheet and income statement transactions. Using general ledgers in K-12 Online is mandatory when creating items/fees/fines/donations.

The General Ledger Manager page permits you to view, add, edit, and delete general ledger accounts. Since GL's are mandatory for all sell-able items, it is best to create them first before building your other Webstore material.

Note: DCP GL's can only be used for DCP Webstores and cannot be used for SCP Webstores.

Additional Note: GL's will only show in the Closeout Report after reconciliation. They do not appear in other reports.

The elements of a general account are:

  • Account Name*: the name that will be associated with this account
  • Account Number*: the GL account number associated with this account
  • Account Type*: the category of the account selected from types (income, donation)
  • Advisor Name: an optional advisor associated with activities on this account
  • Advisor Email: the email address of this advisor
  • Contact Name: an optional contact associated with activities on this account
  • Contact Email: the email address of this contact
  • Description: an optional description of this account

*Account Name, Account Number, and Account Type are mandatory fields. The other fields are optional and will only appear on this manager page.

Adding General Ledger Accounts:

  1. Click on the blue box in the top left corner labeled "ADD NEW GL"
  2. Complete the required fields (Account Name, Account Number, Account Type) and any other relevant fields, then click "SUBMIT."