Charging Additional Fees 

If additional tuition need to be assessed, an additional fee can be added to the student’s account. Fees that are spread evenly throughout the payment dates and Fees that are assigned to the next payment date can be assigned to students at any time throughout the scheduled tuition.

For Individual assessment of additional tuition and discount, click on the “Assess Tuition & Discount” button

Assigning a Fee using an Assessment Date

Here you can Assign a tuition, pick an assessment date, change the default amount, and leave a comment before adding to a student. The default date should be the current date. If you have a custom fee to be paid on a specific payment date, and you pick a date that is afterwards, it will be paid on the next available payment. If you pick an assessment date before, it will stay with the payment date it was assigned to when creating the fee. 

If you have a fee that is spread throughout, then the assessment date picker will spread the fee evenly throughout all payments starting from the next payment after or on the selected date. Normal practice would be to leave it as the current date. But if you wish to start charging after a certain date (example: at the start of the new year) then you can enter in a date and payment towards that fee will not start until then.