Districts have the option of turning on/off system forms. There are limitations to both options. Please read explanations below.

Active System Forms

As default, all schools sites have the system forms turned on. When system forms are turned on, the following forms are required of your students: "New Student Information Form (New Student)" "Student Information Form (Returning Student)," and "Student Emergency Contacts (Returning Student)." There are additional forms that you can turn on/off that will be found in the "System Forms / Fields" settings. Additionally, there are certain fields that you can turn on/off within the system forms. Apart from the fields found in the settings, no other changes can be made to the system forms (e.g. text changes, format, order).

Please note: If your district is connected to your SIS through the API/Webservice or you are using the export/import feature, you must have the system forms turned on. Data will not push/pull properly due to the codes set in place for the system forms.

Inactive System Forms

If you would like to deactivate the system form fields, you may do so school by school. If you turn them off, you will need to create custom forms to collect student data. Be aware that if you choose to turn them off, there will be areas in which you won't see certain information properly (e.g. student managers, predefined reports, particular areas in custom reports, order managers, etc.) because the information that typically shows here is co-related to the system forms.

Please note: Districts who inactivate ALL system forms are mainly those who need to import data into their SIS in a specific format.


Navigation: DCP > School > Manager > "Edit" icon under Options


Navigation: DCP > Settings > Parent Portal > System Forms / Fields

Here you can Change and edit what shows up on your control forms. For General Settings, you can set the minimum and maximum number of contacts needed for the Student Contact Form. You can pick which fields are on the form as well as which ones are required to fill out. You can turn certain fields to read only, preventing the student or parent from changing the logged information manually. For New Student Settings, you can choose whether new students can obtain access keys on their own or not.

New Student System Forms / Fields

Returning Student System Forms / Fields