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Categories are a way of grouping items and organizing your Webstore. They are mandatory when creating items and may be created at any time, though it is recommended you create the categories first because of the requirement.

Parent Category: when you initially create a category, it will be considered a parent category. Parent Categories are typically more broad because you can assign multiple sub-categories to them. A Parent Category will have it's own menu in the parent portal. (i.e. Spirit Wear, Basketball)

Sub-Category: Sub-Categories are more specific than a parent categories. Multiple sub-categories can be assigned to one parent cateogry. A sub-category will appear as a sub-menu under the parent category. (i.e. Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, Hats)

Adding a New Category

  1. When you create your first category, it will be considered a Parent Category because there are no other categories to choose from. Click on the blue "Add Category" button.
  2. Click Submit.

  1. To create a sub-category, click on the "Add Category" button again. Choose a Parent Category from the dropdown. Enter your sub-category name.
  2. Click Submit.

Please Note: If you delete a category, you cannot use the same category name again. Instead, you should change the status to Inactive if you think you will use the category again in the future.

Also: Categories created in the DCP will need to be set to Active in the SCP